Welcome to High School!! I am excited to be able to help you start your high school process. I am here to help you! Please free to call (419-447-6331 ext 1510) or email me anytime (  -Miss Wilson
Important Dates (2017-2018):
August 10th: Freshman Orientation 9am-10:30am
August 10th: Drop-in Schedule Changes: 10:30am-1pm
August 11th: Drop-in Schedule Changes: 9am-1pm
August 18th: Drop-in Schedule Changes: 9am-1pm
*Please make an appointment with Miss Wilson if you need to change your schedule and you are not able to attend the drop-in dates/times.  No schedule changes will be made after the first 10 days of the fall semester unless teacher or counselor initiated. 
Freshman to do list:
  • Get to know your school counselor. I am here to answer any questions you might have about high school and to help you reach your goals.
  • Time management is crucial in high school. You will have more homework and more activities to balance- so GET ORGANIZED!   Here are some study skills.
  • Get to know your teachers! They want you to be successful in high school. 
  • It is not too early to start thinking about colleges.. research colleges (majors, locations, social aspects), take challenging classes that you can handle, volunteer, get involved in school activities that interest you.